Gigaclear Meeting notes

It was lovely meeting you at the presentation yesterday evening, as you know we’re offering free installation for a limited time, please could you forward this email to anyone who would be interested in joining the network of full fibre broadband.

We don’t take any money upfront and can delay your install for up to 12 months. That means you pay nothing until you’re fully installed/using the service and out of contract with your previous provider.

Our customers use it to enjoy a better online experience, boost phone signal and also add genuine value to their property.

Enjoy ultrafast entertainment with broadband speeds up to 900Mbps (Unlimited)
Most reliable speeds hard wired to your home at any time of the day and night
Send and receive emails with ease
Connect with multiple devices at any given time
Stream and download movies, music and pictures
Stay in touch with uninterrupted video calls and instant messaging
Work smarter and instantly download or upload huge quantities of data
Make cheaper phone calls by connecting to our trusted broadband provider
Full fibre to the premises will add value to your property “:-Rightmove have added broadband speeds and availability to its lists of houses for sale, and the information is attracting 400,000 page views per month!” – (

Activations fee:

A one off fee of £100, chargeable after you go live on the Gigaclear network.

Choose a service package to suit your needs and budget:

1: Home 50mb- £41.30pm
2: Home 100mb 46.85pm
3: Home 200mb £54.85pm
4: Home 1000mb £76.60pm

Contract terms for all residential properties are 15 months. After the initial 15 months, it will become a rolling month on month contract.

Telephone Service:

If you’re a regular user of a home phone, we work closely with Vonage, one of the world’s largest broadband telephone service providers.
VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great new way to send and receive phone calls using your broadband Internet connection instead of your standard phone line.
Your phone calls are converted into data through your high-speed Internet connection.
Your callers will never know the difference as it works just like a regular phone call.

Find out more about Vonage

Please see below the terms and conditions of the free installation.

Terms and conditions of the offer are as follows:

The installation is FREE providing you fall into the bands A to C.
If found to be on the survey that installation is not a straight forward band A to C the offer will be withdrawn.
We will only arrange ONE installation date with you.
This does not include any internal cabling beyond 3m which will be charged at an additional rate.

Please find below banding eligible for promotion:
Gigaclear Approved Installers*
Band A – 10m or less from connection point to the router (Normally £129.99)
Band B – Over 10m and under 35m from connection point to the router (Normally £199.99)
Band C – Over 35m and under 100m from connection point to the router (Normally £299.00)
Band D – Over 100m from connection point to the router – Not eligible for offer.
*Any properties that will need hot lay tarmac to reinstate, over 10m concrete or tarmac that we have to cut through or block paving or flag stone lift/reinstatement
over 5m, or some other unusual surface that will need specialist skills to lift and reinstate will be assigned to Band D category*

This will definitely help many and we can honour a free installation at this moment in time. This will save your community hundreds of pounds on the initial installation fees.